More than 20,000 Victorians are homeless each night. By participating in Ride for Home you have the chance to break the cycle of homelessness and make a difference for these people.

Your entry fee pays for your unique riding experience. Your fundraising helps Hanover break the cycle of homelessness.

Help us raise $300,000!

Thank you to everyone who is fundraising to help support Hanover’s work with Victoria’s homeless. Remember there are some great fundraising prizes to be won, including a limited edition Ride for Home cycling jersey for everyone who raises $500 or more.


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Delcho Bobeff 75km Challenge Ride – Individual Target $2,000.00 Raised $5,600.00
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Scott McElroy 75km Challenge Ride – Individual Target $5,000.00 Raised $5,310.00
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Yasemin Ozbey 75km Challenge Ride – Gerro’s Personal Challenge Target $500.00 Raised $3,270.00
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Maryanne Shearer 35km Recreational Ride – Family Target $500.00 Raised $2,700.00
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Chris Yiannis 75km Challenge Ride – Individual Target $1,000.00 Raised $2,570.95
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Chris Gill 35km Recreational Ride – Individual Target $500.00 Raised $2,360.00
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Curt Tebbutt 75km Challenge Ride – Gerro’s Personal Challenge Target $2,000.00 Raised $2,330.00
Every night there are over 100,000 people classified as homeless in Australia, it’s hard for most of us to imagine how traumatic that must be. Hanover do a great job in bridging the gap left by inadequate government support for those unfortunate to find themselves in that position.It’s sad that in a country as rich as ours there is still a need for organisations like Hanover but since there is the least we can do is try & help homeless people regain some hope & dignity.Please help if you can….
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Bernie Victor 15km Fun Ride – Family and Friends Target $2,000.00 Raised $2,190.00
We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful country that seems to have everything to offer, but in our own suburbs there are people who are struggling every day to make ends meet. Having shelter or a place to live is a basic human right and we all have a responsibility to help those less fortunate than ourselves. This help is as easy as buying “The Big Issue” magazine from a street vendor or giving some spare change to a Busker on the street. Doing this with our kids will spread the idea of compassion to the next generation, so get on your bike with your kids and join us on this ride… if not sponsor me and l’ll do the riding for you…Cheers. Bernie….
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Rohan Andrew 75km Challenge Ride – Individual Target $2,000.00 Raised $2,115.00
Life has a way of just running over you. It is easy to find yourself simply existing; going to work, looking after the family and taking what time is left in between for sleep and yourself. We can get so caught up in our own problems that we become blind to the big picture. Sometimes we need something to remind us of how lucky we are, how hard life is for some people. Even many living day to day in the same city as us. An event like this gives us an opportunity to do what we love, while inspiring us to help those in much greater need than us. I believe that those who are lucky enough in having had a good education, secure employment and housing have an obligation to those who haven’t. I’m going to dig deep on this ride. Can you do the same?…
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Steve Mitchell 75km Challenge Ride – Team Target $1,000.00 Raised $2,050.00
I believe everyone on this wonderful planet is entitled to the basic essentials of a home, it is the foundation on which so many things in life stem from, our sense of belonging, pride, self respect and security. A safe family home sets the scene for how our youngsters view their life and what the future looks like. Despression, anxiety and hopelessness are just some of the effects of being homeless or living in temporary accommodation brings. Statistically, we spend more money on our pets, drinking, gambling and environmental sustainability than we do on providing a home for the less fortunate. Last year, 1 in every 100 Australians recieved support from specialist homeless services. Sadly however, everyday more than half of the people who request immediate accommodation are turned away including 2 out of every 3 children. Please give generously for this very worthy cause!…